This and That Thursday


This week has been my birthday week and I decided to take a week off from teaching for the first time since April so it has been a lovely week so far.

A birthday book haul post will be appearing soon.


This week we went to some English Heritage places and thankfully the weather was wonderful. I also got some good Pokemon Go playing in as well.



Obviously there were some birthday celebrations that involved a little treat which is my all time favourite drink.


Hot Chocolate and Reading

For my birthday I had a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser and so this has meant some amazing hot chocolates to curl up and read with. So far we have tried salted caramel and hazelnut praline.



Another present I had was a crochet pattern and the wool and hook to go with it which my sister gave me. I haven’t done any crochet since I was at uni so this has been a shock to the system. The wool is beautifully soft to work with which is an added bonus. The pattern is for a cowl but at the moment it looks like a beret so this might need to be looked at again, it was all going so well!


I have still been studying this week as well but it has been nice to have a break from teaching.

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This and That Thursday


Well this week has mainly focused on studying and teaching to be honest but here is what else I have been up to.


The walking is going strong when it isn’t raining.


We had to take our one cat to the vet, she is all ok but it was a traumatic experience for my husband and myself. I’m the one who has to catch the cat which is always rather a worry.



The scarf is still going strong. I am already planning my next challenge but I must make myself finish the scarf first.


So there it is, a rather quiet week but got lots of work done which is always good.

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