This and That Thursday


Well this week has mainly focused on studying and teaching to be honest but here is what else I have been up to.


The walking is going strong when it isn’t raining.


We had to take our one cat to the vet, she is all ok but it was a traumatic experience for my husband and myself. I’m the one who has to catch the cat which is always rather a worry.



The scarf is still going strong. I am already planning my next challenge but I must make myself finish the scarf first.


So there it is, a rather quiet week but got lots of work done which is always good.

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This and That Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I will be honest this week has focused mainly on teaching and studying but I have enjoyed both.

So here is what else I have been up to.


Lots of walking this week which has been nice and quite exciting when we saw a low flying Chinook helicopter.



For the first time in about two years I have started knitting again and my first project is a knitting kit of a Slytherin scarf. After a busy day studying and teaching it has been very relaxing to knit in an evening.



The Jigsaw was finished this week. It was only 636 pieces but very fun to complete.


So there is my week. I hope everyone else has had a good week so far.

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