New Book Rating System

Over the holidays I had a little think about my book rating system and I have decided to change it. From now on it will not be a star rating system but a dragon system. Yes, the rating will be out of dragons, 5 being the best, 1 being the worst.

One Dragon

One dragon will be given to books I have not managed to finish and really not enjoyed and would not recommend to anyone.



Two Dragons

Two dragons will go to books I have managed to finish but would definitely not want to read again and would not recommend to friends.



Three Dragons

Three dragons are for books I found enjoyable to read but not amazing and would not read again but would happily recommend to people.



Four Dragons

Four dragons are for books I really enjoyed but possibly had one or two annoying flaws or faults but would still read again.



Five Dragons

The big award! This is for the books I just could not put down, the books I adored and want to shout about from the roof tops. Mainly for the books I want to read again and again.


Lady Book Dragon