Shropshire Ghost Stories by Richard Holland (Review)

Shropshire Ghost Stories by Richard Holland


Shiver your way around the scariest places in Shropshire. But only look if you dare! Be frightened be very frightened. These stories collected from around Shropshire will have you on the edge of your seat and you’ll be way too scared to turn off the light at night.


I bought this book on my recent trip to Hay on Wye because I was intrigued to see what ghost stories there were about where I live and near by. 

The book is only short but it gives a great description of the places that are supposedly haunted and what kind of hauntings have taken place. The book begins in Shrewsbury with the haunted pubs and then moves on to the other places in Shrewsbury that have ghost stories. The book then moves on to the other haunted towns in Shropshire.

The last two chapters focus on two legends ‘The Roaring Bull’ and ‘The Legend of Wild Edric” and they go into a greater depth than the previous chapters have. 

I enjoyed this book and really want to visit some of the places mentioned however I would have liked a bit more depth on each place but I understand that the book is just an introduction into the different hauntings. The book has definitely made me want to learn more about the hauntings and actually mentions some more books that go into greater detail that I think I will hunt down and read. I give this book 3 out of 5 Dragons. 


About the author

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