This and That Thursday


Well this week has mainly focused on studying and teaching to be honest but here is what else I have been up to.


The walking is going strong when it isn’t raining.


We had to take our one cat to the vet, she is all ok but it was a traumatic experience for my husband and myself. I’m the one who has to catch the cat which is always rather a worry.



The scarf is still going strong. I am already planning my next challenge but I must make myself finish the scarf first.


So there it is, a rather quiet week but got lots of work done which is always good.

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This and That Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone is well. I will be honest the heat and humidity has rather done me in this week so I haven’t moved much due to no energy and asthma. This has meant a lot of reading though which has been good.

Cat Instagram

Too much time on my hands ended up with me setting an instagram account up for our cats. Yes I have lost the plot but now even the husband has started posting pictures of the cats. If anybody would like to follow Lyra and Pan their instagram is lyraandpancatz.


Sunday Service

On Sundays I am now going over to my parents’ house and watching our church service online which has been really nice to do. The church that I play the organ for has not had a service yet but when it does I will be back and hopefully so will my mom.



Teaching has still been going strong and everyone seems to be enjoying their lessons online so hopefully it continues.

So that is my week, as I warned very quiet but actually I’ve quite enjoyed all the reading I have managed and the cats’ instagram is proving rather fun although I think the cats officially think we have lost the plot.

Happy reading

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This and That Thursday


I this post finds everyone well and safe.

This week has been rather busy, so much so that I haven’t managed to get my usual amount of reading in.

Teaching and Recording

I have been doing a bit more teaching online which has been lovely as I have been able to see my students again and to see what they have been up to. Due to teaching online though I can no longer play duets with my students because of the delay, this got me thinking and my solution was each week to email a duet to my students with the parts recorded separately so my students could play along. Getting the hang of recording on GarageBand has taken up quite a bit of my time. I recorded my first duet and put it on soundcloud. If you fancy a listen here is the link.



I’ve started another jigsaw and I am thoroughly enjoying it because it is all dogs!



Future Learn

I’m still busy completing my course on Future Learn in preparation for my second year of my Masters. I have also spotted some more courses on there that I want to do next.



No baking really this week but we have made waffles! Waffles and Maple Syrup are the best!



So that is my week so far. I hope everyone else is also having a good week.

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