Welcome my fellow book dragons!

So this is my first book related blog. All my life I have loved to read, review and talk about books and finally after a lot of thought I have got up the courage to start a blog. Here I will review the books I have read, share some favourite quotes of the week and hopefully throw in some music as well (I am a musician so I’m afraid it will be inevitable).

I am also a self confessed book hoarder, I hardly ever get rid of books, maybe ten a year if my husband is lucky. Also if there is a beautiful edition of a book I will buy it, so I have many editions of my favourite book. My dream is to have my own personal library and I’m hoping in the next couple of years to make this happen, I will keep you posted.

Anyway enough of my waffle! I hope you enjoy my blog.

Lady Book Dragon.IMG_2847


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