Book Sleeve Product Review

After years of reading and never leaving the house without a book, I decided to get a Book Sleeve, so my poor books would stop getting dog earred and battered in the neverending pit that is my handbag.

I had a good browse on Amazon and finally chose a medium book sleeve with Sloths on  so it would match my diary, the price was £10.59. I think they match quite well but I must admit when it first arrived I was quite shocked how bright the green background was, it does not come across that bright in the picture below or on Amazon but believe me it is bright.


I have been using the sleeve for about a week now, I have used it for a tiny book that was about a 100 pages long so the sleeve swamped the book somewhat but the book did not get damaged and stayed safe in the sleeve. The next book I am using it for is a great big hard back book pictured below. It just about fits so really I do need a slightly bigger size for hardbacks but for paperbacks it is wonderful and so far my hardback book has stayed safe and sound.



I love my sloth book sleeve and I will definitely be using it on a regular basis, although due to the colour I imagine it will mark easily but I think it looks like it should wash quite successfully if something bad happens to it. I think I will get a bigger one for the hardbacks and a smaller one for the small paperbacks I read. This one is well made and of good strong material so I am hoping it will last me for many more reading years to come. Really happy with the product and was expecting it to be more expensive if I am honest, so the surprise with the price was a big bonus.

If you are interested in getting the Sloth Book Sleeve the Amazon link is here.

Happy reading my fellow Book Dragons!

Lady Book Dragon.



2 thoughts on “Book Sleeve Product Review

    1. I could have made one but sewing was never my strong point so I doubt it would stay together very long. Not massive fan of green I know. Mainly I just don’t like wearing it. Xx


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