February 2019 Wrap Up

Another good reading month!

This month has been great blogging wise, more follows and likes off people and feedback on a review from an author, which I really appreciated.

I managed to read 7 books this month, granted some of them were only short but sadly work has got in the way and my reading has slowed. This month I discovered two things: one, I love the Star Trek books and plan on reading as many as I can and, two, I have discovered a new possible favourite author Elly Griffiths. I read her latest book (review on the way) and I could not put it down. I would have happily not gone to sleep and carried on reading all night but my husband needed his beauty sleep.

Books I read this month

(If you click on the picture you’ll go to the review)


4 out of 5 Dragons.


5 out of 5 Dragons.


5 out of 5 Dragons


3 out of 5 Dragons


4 out of 5 Dragons


3 out of 5 Dragons


5 out of 5 Dragons.

I also managed to visit a few Waterstones stores and tick some more off my list, oh and buy some new books, which is always good.

Plans for March

For March I would like to read the next two Star Trek Discovery books and The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon anything else is a bonus. I also plan on visiting a few more Waterstones stores.

Have you got any plans for March?

Happy reading.

Lady Book Dragon.



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