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I wasn’t tagged in this book tag but I have seen it around on people’s blogs recently and really liked the idea of having a go. So here are my reading habits.

Bookmarks or Random Pieces of Paper

This an easy one, definitely bookmarks. I love buying bookmarks so I have loads so I always make sure I make use of them in my books. I will be honest I do tend to stick to a few favourites though.


Stop Reading Randomly or Stop After a Chapter/ Certain Amount of Pages

I like to stop at a chapter but most likely I will stop at a random point especially at night because it is usually where I start to fall asleep. I must admit sometimes I pick the book back up a little confused at where I left off.


Certain Place at Home for Reading?

I read in loads of places! The conservatory when the weather is nice, curled up the sofa with a blanket in lounge when it is cold, at night in bed before sleep. One of my favourite places though is rather a random one which my husband finds very strange, I love leaning over on the AGA and I lean on the simmering plate (lid down obviously) and read. But really I’m happy to read anywhere.


Eat or Drink while Reading?

During the day it is always with a cup of tea. I used to eat breakfast and read but I haven’t done that for a while. At one point I read The Art of War every morning whilst eating breakfast, read into that what you will.


Music or TV while Reading?

I generally always listen to music when I read, I love to have music on for everything and it doesn’t matter what I listen to either. I can also watch TV and read because generally I block it out. During Grand Prix season I get a lot more reading done because I read whilst it is on in the background.


One Book at a Time or Several?

I prefer one book at a time and maybe a dip in book on the side but sometimes I have a couple of books on the go, especially if I am reading a book for my course.


Reading at Home or Everywhere

Everywhere! I read in gaps between work, if I arrive at work early I sit in the car and read, I read whilst waiting for appointments, basically if I have a minute I read. So I always carry a book with me.


Reading Out Loud of Silently?

Silently, I just read in my head because I can read a lot faster than reading it out loud.


Do You Ever Read Ahead or Skip Pages?

Not really, I hate spoiling the ending and can never understand people who read the end first. My mom reads the end of the book first to see whether the book is worth reading in the first place which always baffles me. I also don’t skip pages, when I read a book I like to read it all.


Breaking the Spine or Keeping it Like New?

Like new. I prefer hardbacks to all formats but whatever book I have I like to keep pristine. However, when it is a book I have read many times I don’t mind if the spine eventually gives in because the book is now an old friend. My copy of The Three Musketeers is now in four pieces that is how much I have read it.


Do You Write in Books?

Never! Even when using a book for my studies I put little bits of paper inside or Post It notes instead but I never write in a book. For my English Literature A level my teacher made me write in my copies and I hated it.


So that is a glimpse into my reading habits. I hope you enjoyed it and please drop me a comment if you have also taken part in this book tag as I would love to see other people’s reading habits or if you just want to chat.

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