This and That Thursday


Well this week has been full of studying, reading and Christmas shopping! Yes I have started Christmas shopping, please don’t hate me. I never usually start this early but I took advantage of the double stamps at Waterstones. I always love giving books for presents, I always find it magical.

So here is what else I have been up to.


We had a lovely walk on Tuesday after I had finished teaching in the morning. I really needed a change of scene and it was just the tonic I needed as the sun was shining and it was wonderful.

Cat Pictures

Also this week my phone decided to form a video of the recent cat photos I have taken which has made me realise just how many cat photos I am taking.


I will be honest my week has mainly involved studying and binge watching Criminal Minds. I did however get a new desk this week which was very exciting as it is yellow!


lady book dragon signature 250w


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