Christmas Book Haul


So this Christmas I had some books for Christmas! I had three books and they are absolutely stunning.

I collect the De Luxe Editions by Harper Collins of Tolkien’s works and my husband very kindly bought me Letters from Father Christmas to add to my collection. In fact it was my husband who started me collecting this set as he gave me The Unfinished Tales for my Christmas present for our first Christmas together.

The next two books are by the same author Charles Van Sandwyk. These two books are Folio Society editions that my in-laws very kindly gave me for Christmas and I absolutely love them especially Letters from Fairyland. The other book is a collection of stories about fairyland called How to See Fairies.

There are my beautiful books!

I really do love beautiful books and that is why I generally end up with more than one edition of a favourite book.

Happy Reading.


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