The Willoughby Book Club #5

Happy Saturday!

I do love it when I get a surprise book in the post and today was the day I have been eagerly awaiting since the beginning of the month.

My book was sadly not in its usual gorgeous wrapping due to staff shortages in the company but I got something even better included with my book, a little notebook to write all of my bookish notes in. I do love notebooks, so this was right up my street.

The book that I received was Meet Me In Bombay by Jenny Ashcroft. Jenny Ashcroft is another new author to me but her books have been recommended to me more than once by various people so I am looking forward to reading it.

The voucher code for 10% off a Willoughby Book Club subscription is still valid until the 25th February 2021 if you wish to join this fantastic club and get fabulous books through the post, then click the link below.

Voucher Code

Happy Reading!


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