Reading My Height in Books #2


It is time for my monthly update on my reading challenge. Now I have noticed a little problem with my challenge and that is digital books. Last year I barely read a digital book and this year just because I have set myself this challenge there is a load of digital books I want to read! The question is do I count them in my challenge and if I do, how? So what do my fellow book dragons think? What should I do?

Anyway, until I make a decision here is my monthly update of the growing pile of books that I hope to get the same height as me this year. These are the books from January and February. The height is now 8.5 inches. I added 2.5 in February.

Physical Books Read in February

Caliban’s War by James S. A Corey

Die Standing by John Jackson Miller

Just another 4 foot 10.5 inches to go! I think some very thick books are required.

Here is my January picture in case you want to compare.

January Post

Happy Reading!


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