The Willoughby Book Club #6

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone has a good week planned with some good reading included.

My book from The Willoughby Book Club has arrived and it was in different wrapping! I’m not sure I am as keen on this wrapping as it is more of a sleeve instead of the gorgeous tissue paper but it is the book that counts.

The book I received was Mallory Cook and the Road Not Taken by Charlotte Nash. I know I say this a lot but Charlotte Nash is another new author for me. I do love discovering new authors especially when they become firm favourites, so fingers crossed I am not disappointed.

One single mother. Three escaped pensioners. An unforgettable road trip.

In their tiny, pale green cottage under the trees, Mallory Cook and her five-year-old son, Harry, are a little family unit who weather the storms of life together. Money is tight after Harry’s unreliable and impulsive father, Duncan, abandoned them to expand his business in New York. So when Duncan fails to return Harry after a visit, Mallory sets off, determined to bring her son home any way she can.

A chance encounter with three retirees on the run leaves Mallory leading an unlikely group road trip across the United States. Zadie, Ernie and Jock each have their own reasons for making the journey and along the way the four of them will learn not only the lengths they will travel to save each other, but that it’s never too late to change the path you’re on . . .

Drop me a comment with your thoughts if you have read this book.

Happy Reading


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