Reading My Height in Books #3


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter weekend. I have had a lovely day today reading and going for a walk in the sunshine.

So I thought it was high time for an update on my Reading My Height in Books. I still haven’t worked out whether to include my digital books somehow. I only read one digital in March and it was only 159 pages so not too much of a loss. Thankfully, I managed to read four physical books so that has added to the height of the pile. I have also realised I need to store said pile as it grows through the year so it looks like it will have to hide in a corner of our living room.

So here is the pile!

For some reason I am not looking at the camera but I have never been any good at having my picture taken.

The pile is now at 13.5 inches just 53.5 inches left to go!

Here are the pictures from January and February as you can see progress is going rather slowly.

Hopefully, I can get some more books read this month!

Happy Reading.


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