Maigret Challenge


Now I know I have already set myself the challenge to read all the works of Shakespeare and I am also trying to read every book written by Agatha Christie in order of publication but I have found a new challenge and one that I really want to do as I am a little bit addicted to to the books I have read so far. Yes, I want to read all the Maigret novels! My husband owns three Folio Society Maigret books that I bought him a few years back and I read them last week and wanted to read more and discovered that Penguin have released all the Maigret books with some very nice covers. This can only mean one thing, I must collect and read all these wonderful books!

Here is the link to all the wonderful penguin editions.

The Maigret books only average 150 pages each and can easily be read in one sitting so I think they will be quick reads and I will be honest the last three I read were what I call ‘light relief’ reading which will be useful when I am trying to write a dissertation.

I have ordered the first three in the series and I can’t wait to start reading them.

Here are the reviews from the three Maigret books I have already read:

Maigret and the Calame Report

Maigret and the Saturday Caller

Maigret and the Wine Merchant

I will keep you posted on my new challenge.

Happy Reading

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