This and That Thursday


I thought it was time to share what I have been up to outside of reading this week as it has been rather an exciting week.

Dissertation writing continues and I am still enjoying it so that is a good sign.

Elephant Hunting

I met up with my two best friends for the first time in nearly two years and we went to Worcester to do the elephant trail. It was so much fun and so lovely to spend time with friends again.

Safari Park

I have also been to the safari park this week and it was wonderful to see all the animals. I haven’t been to the safari park for over ten years so it was wonderful to see everything again and the new addition of the Red Panda. My husband loved the Red Panda and bought a massive cuddly toy of one. I had a little elephant toy.

Family Party

At the weekend we had a get together with my husbands side of the family which was wonderful to see everyone. It was an evening of good food, drink and excellent conversation.

It was so nice to get away from teaching this week and go on some adventures. Hopefully, we will be going on some more soon.

Happy Reading

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