5,4,3,2,1 Book Tag


I’ve been seeing this book tag a great deal on instagram but I thought it looked fun to do on my blog as well. If you like the post consider yourself tagged!

5 Books You Love

These are just a selection of my favourite reads and they are books that I will happily read again and again.

4 Autobuy Authors

Andy Weir – After reading The Martian I knew that I would buy any book that Weir published and so as soon as I hear a book is coming out I get it preordered.

Elly Griffiths – I adore the Dr Ruth Galloway series by Griffiths and it was through this series that I first came across Griffiths. This has meant for the last 3 years I have bought any new books and past books by Griffiths.

Philippa Gregory – I have loved reading books by Gregory since I was a teenager and she has been an autobuy author since then. It doesn’t mean I have read all of her books yet but I am working on it.

Alison Weir – I had read a few books by Weir but then I read her Six Tudor Queens series and I just fell in love with her writing and ever since I have been buying all her newly published books and working my way through her back catalogue.

3 Favourite Genres

Fantasy – My love of fantasy started when I read The Lord of the Rings as a teenager, ever since it has been one of my favourite genres that I always go back to.

Historical Fiction – I love historical fiction and I will read about any time period. My love first started with historical fiction set in the Tudor period but now I will happily read any time period.

Classical literature – The first books I ever really read were classics and this has always been my first love.

2 Places You Read

Bed – I always read before I go to sleep as it helps calm me.

Sofa – I always like to start my day with a bit of reading whilst drinking my first mug of tea of the day and this always happens on the sofa in the lounge. Sometimes I have a cat companion as well which is nice.

1 Book You Promise to Read Soon

This will be my next classic read for this year so I hope to start reading it soon.

Happy Reading

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