This and That Thursday

Happy Thursday!

I thought it was time for a non bookish update. I will be honest since being back at school I haven’t had as much time for adventures but we are trying to make the most of our days off together.

Boscobel House and White Ladies Priory

Last week we visited Boscobel Hosue and White Ladies Priory. We loved the fact that you get a candle and every time you see the candle symbol you put your candle on it and something happens, whether that be sound effects or videos. It was a nice feature that we had never seen before. When we had finished in the house we walked to the ruin that is White Ladies Priory and then went around the farm at Boscobel.

Berrington Hall

Today we met up with a friend and visited the National Trust property Berrington Hall. Berrington is one of my favourite National Trust properties because I always love how they decorate the rooms at Christmas. It was also nice to see the house without the scaffolding inside as that was there when we last visited. After a lovely lunch we went for a nice walk around the grounds and enjoyed the beautiful views and Autumn sunshine.

I am really looking forward to half term as we have lots of adventures planned so I will probably do another This and That Thursday then.

Happy Reading



3 thoughts on “This and That Thursday

    1. It was really good fun and such an original idea. School seems more tiring than ever this term, my kids were all wild this week for some reason. Bring on half term!


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