Bookish Goals for 2023


Last year I was quite relaxed with my bookish goals and to be honest because of this I ignored them. This year I have decided to get back to my usual challenges.

In 2021 I attempted to read my height in books and sadly I failed. For 2023 I have decided to try the challenge again and I really hope this time I will complete it.

I had no idea what to set for this years Goodreads Challenge so I let my fellow Bookstagrammers decide for me and they chose 80 books. 80 books! I have never read anymore than 74 books in a year but I am hopeful I will manage this challenge. It might mean I read some smaller books this year.

I also want to read more classics this year as I miss my Ancient Greek and Rome literature. I am thinking I might read a lot of Greek plays but I will see what I come up with.

I have three ongoing challenges that I will be continuing with. My Classics Club Challenge, Maigret Challenge and Agatha Christie Challenge. These challenges won’t get completed this year (unless I go crazy) but I hope to make progress with them.

Reading nonfiction is something I also plan on doing more this year and I am hoping to try and read one nonfiction book a month for this year.

So here is the round up of my bookish goals:

  • Read my height in books
  • Read 80 books
  • Read more Ancient Greek and Roman literature
  • Classics Club, Maigret and Agatha Christie Challenges
  • Read one nonfiction book a month

Hopefully I manage to accomplish all these goals during in 2023.

Have you got any bookish goals for 2023?

Happy Reading


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