A Little Reading Challenge


I have always wanted to read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and it is one of the books on my Classics Club challenge. However, it is rather a substantial book so I have decided to tackle the book in mini chunks rather than trying to plough through it.

There are 117 chapters in the book so I have decided to read a chapter a day. So in theory the book will take 117 days to read. I had started this challenge but as I am reading Aeneid by Virgil I have decided to finish this first then restart The Count of Monte Cristo. I have found that really long classics can sometimes make me go into a reading slump so I have decided that small chunks are best.

I am really excited to read The Count of Monte Cristo because Alexandre Dumas is one of my favourite authors and I really want to read more of his books this year which will also tick off more of my Classics Club list.

I will be honest though. If I start to really get into the book and have a good reading day I will most likely read more than just the one chapter. I just won’t have the self control to stop myself.

Do you have any methods for tackling really long books?

Happy Reading



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