Reading My Height in Books #4


It is awkward photo time! April was a better reading month for me than March and I also managed to read one big book so I’m really hoping that will help make up for the lack of height during March.

Here is the current book stack which contains 21 books.

I managed to get Lyra to participate this month for the photo. This meant being very stealthy and swooping her up before she knew it was cuddly photo time.

The book stack is now the height of 21 inches exactly. This means I have 46 inches to go. Happily I am still ahead of this time last year but only by 2.5 inches. I must keep pushing with my reading as I really don’t want to fail again.

Look at that book stack grow.

Hopefully Lyra will appear in more photos soon but she can be a very reluctant photo model sometimes.

Happy Reading


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