Waterstones Challenge: Merry Hill

This week on the 7th February I visited my fourth Waterstones off the list, Merry Hill. It has been a while since I have visited the Waterstones at Merry Hill and I had forgotten how small the store is. Small in a good way, as sometimes I get overwhelmed by massive bookstores and just do not know where to look.

It was a really nice atmosphere in the store and quiet, which I love because you do not have to rush or fight through people to have a good browse. As usual the books were laid out perfectly and so I managed to find some good books to buy.

Here are the books I bought and I used my special book buying bag that I got for Chistmas off my sister-in-law.


The books I bought are as follows:-

The Man with No Face by Peter May


This edition I got is actually signed by the author and as he is a favourite of mine I just could not resist buying it. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it anyway.

The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden


Have been waiting for this to come out for a while now, I was very excited to buy it.

Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott


This is actually my husband’s choice and I bought it for him but would also like to read it when he has finished it. It looks very intriguing and different to what I usually read.

Dog Stories Everyman’s Pocket Classics


I love the Everyman books, I just think they look so pretty. We have the cat version of this book and I thought it was high time we had the dog one.

Anyway this was my book haul, I think it is a good haul and can not wait to start reading them.

On to planning my next Waterstones adventure.

Lady Book Dragon.




Waterstones Challenge: Telford

This week I managed to tick off another Waterstones store, three down, loads to go.

Telford is a lovely store, a little bit small but packed full of books. There were lots of tables with exciting offers as well, which is always good. I went in the evening and the store was quiet so I could have a good look at all the books in peace.

I kept to the rules, here is the picture of myself stood infront of the store.


And here are the books I bought whilst there:-

Red Queen by Christina Henry

Alice by Christina Henry


For an added extra I have a picture of the top of the receipt.


I have updated the list accordingly and I am planning my next adventure.

Lady Book Dragon


Waterstones Challenge


How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you all managed to get lots of reading in.

Some of you might have noticed an added page on my blog called Waterstones Challenge, this page has every place that a Waterstones store is located. I got the list off their website and I plan on trying to visit and buy a book from every one of them. I will check their website once a month to make sure the list of stores is up to date and adapt my list accordingly.

I got the idea off my sister and her partner, they have been doing the same kind of thing for the past few years with JD Weatherspoon pubs. I love visiting book shops of any kind especially independent ones. However, the ones I really love are Waterstones, they are always so well organised and welcoming and I do love their loyalty card, plus you can find one in most places and I believe a holiday is not a holiday without a good book buying binge. Whilst on holiday in Bath I had a silly thought about trying to visit every Waterstones on the planet and that silly thought has stayed with me and developed and so I have decided to try to accomplish it.

The rules are:-

No Waterstones can be ticked off the list without:-

  • A photo of the store
  • A book bought from the store

I had to make sure I actually got some books as well, I am after all a book hoarding dragon.

Two have been ticked off the list already, Bath and Shrewsbury and I hope to get visiting as many as I can as soon as I can.

Wish me luck!

Lady Book Dragon