This and That Thursday


So this week has included lots of studying again but today I also had a lovely surprise whilst visiting my mom. My sister who lives in Scotland and who I haven’t seen for two years has come down to the West Midlands because my nephew is trying to do his theory for driving a bus and he can’t get one in Scotland so they have come down to take the test and also socially distance see the family. It was wonderful to see my sister and three nephews but I must admit I did miss being able to give my sister a hug.

So here is what else I have been up to this week


The scarf is almost done, I am not looking forward to sewing all the ends in though. I always find the sewing and sewing of ends to be the worst part of knitting. I am already planning new projects to attempt after the scarf.

Halloween Decorating

Yes, I know we aren’t quite at Halloween yet but I have already started decorating the house and Eeyore is very excited to be joining in.



I’ve started exercising more again and I am working on my flexibility and strength. I have challenged myself to be able to do the splits at some point. Most likely it will never happen but I will be happy if I get to be a bit more flexible.


We are still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and are now on Season 6, I really did not enjoy the musical episode we watched last night! We have also started watching Spooks which I haven’t seen for years and never actually saw the first 3 seasons.

So there is my week. I hope everyone is also having a good week.

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I hope you all have a nice spooky book to read and celebrate halloween with.


I have chosen a little poem to celebrate.

In the Dark, Dark Wood

In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house,

and in that dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room,

and in that dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard,

and in that dark, dark cupboard there was a dark, dark shelf,

and on that dark, dark shelf there was a dark, dark box, 

and in that dark, dark box there was a … GHOST!




Happy spooky reading!

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

How are my fellow my readers celebrating Halloween? Are you reading any spooky books? I would love to hear what you are reading so please feel free to leave me a comment.

Whilst walking my dog I was very pleased to see the neighbours getting into the spirit of things with a skeleton in their garden.

And here is one of our pumpkins. Sorry they are not very imaginative. I’m hoping to do better next year.

Happy trick or treating!

Lady Book Dragon.