This and That Thursday


I hope everyone is well and having a good week so far. We are still trying to go on plenty of adventures whilst the weather is still decent. Here are our most recent adventures.

Ludlow Castle and Ludlow

We love visiting Ludlow but haven’t been for quite a long time due to covid so it was really nice to go back. We spent most of the day going around the castle but we also found an amazing little music shop where I bought a lot of music books. I did go around a bookshop but i just didn’t find a book that really interested me.

Chirk Castle

We have both been to Chirk Castle before but neither of us could remember much of it so we decided to go for another visit and I am so glad we did because it is such a wonderful place and has the biggest Grandfather clock we have ever seen.

Warner Brother Harry Potter Studio Tour

It was my husbands birthday yesterday and he asked to go to the Harry Potter Studio tour for his birthday, so yesterday we spent a wonderful day going around the tour. It was really good to see the new exhibits in the back lot and have a go at pulling out a Mandrake.

Hughenden Manor

We spent the night away last night so on the way home today we visited a new National Trust property for us, Hughenden Manor. Hughenden Manor was the home of Benjamin Disraeli and it had the most amazing library, although smaller than some of the libraries I have seen in National Trust properties I just loved it, it was so cozy and well organised. I could happily have spent all day in that room.

Hopefully the adventures continue.

Happy Reading


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This and That Thursday


I haven’t done a This and That Thursday recently so I thought I would do one because today I have been on a big adventure.

Between work, reading and chores I have also managed some other activities.


I have got back into doing jigsaws again recently. I can’t spend a lot of time on them but it is nice to have a challenge to have a go at when I have a few spare minutes. The most recent one I have finished was the Jane Austen jigsaw.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Today I met up with my best friends and we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This is my fifth visit and I still get so excited to go. I love that each time you go there is something new to see and learn. Today we were showed how some of the tricks were done like the Weasley fire works in The Order of the Phoenix.

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Weekend Adventures

Hello everyone!

So on Saturday I celebrated my friend’s 30th in style! Yes, we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. Now I will be honest I have been quite a few times but I have not seen the Forbidden Forest or Gringotts bank so I was very pleased to visit and see the new scenes.

I will be honest I am terrified of spiders so the Forbidden Forest was a bit of trial for me but I absolutely loved Gringotts bank and it is possibly my second favourite part because of course the ultimate favourite is the castle at the end which is always rather emotional to behold.

What is everyone’s favourite part of the tour?

Here are a few photos from the day!

lady book dragon signature 250w