Lyra’s Pawsome Books #6


I thought it was time for another Etsy update as I have been quite busy putting new products on the website. I also have a 10% discount code available for my book bloggers. LADYBOOKDRAGON10.

Book A Month

I had been wanting to do this product for a long time and over Christmas I finally got enough time to wrap loads of books.

Blind Date with a Book Valentine’s edition

This Valentine’s edition Blind Date with a Book contains a heart themed chocolate lollipop and a brand new paperback book of a genre of your choice plus a lotus biscuit. There is also the option to send a personal message on a book themed postcard in the parcel. There is also an everyday themed Blind Date with a Book available.

TBR Jar Refills.

Celebration Cards

There are quite a few cards now available on the Etsy site as well.

Balloon Card

Cat Themed Card

Thank you for visiting my little shop. More products will be arriving soon!


Lyra’s Pawsome Books #4


I have been busy with Lyra’s Pawsome Books over the last couple of weeks. I have a Christmas stall next week to get ready for and of course I am busy making sure I have plenty of stock for my Etsy site. I know I am still in the very early stages of my little business but I am really enjoying thinking up ideas for products and putting them on my Etsy site.

I have started working on developing Christmas and Birthday cards which I hope to release in the next few days and I am finding the making of the cards and wrapping of the books quite therapeutic in an evening.

Anyway, here are the latest products on my Etsy site.

Christmas Book Box

This book box was inspired by some of the things that I love at Christmas. I love curling up with a Christmas themed book and a mug of mulled wine near Christmas and perhaps some chocolate to snack on later. I also love a Christmas candle and hot chocolate in the evening.

Cat Lover’s Book Box

Each box contains:

– Brand new paperback book (genre of your choice)
– Cat themed puzzle book
– Dancing Cat pen holder
– Bookmark
– Dreamies (flavours vary)
– Hot chocolate spoon
– Tea bag
– Coffee bag
– Popcorn
– Lotus biscuit
– Border biscuits (flavours vary)
– Cat shaped post it notes (colours vary)
– Black biro

This book box was obviously inspired by Lyra. There are lots of cat themed goodies within this box including a bag of Dreamies for your feline friend. My personal favourite item is the Dancing Cat pen holder and I must admit I have had to stop my husband from pinching them for himself. A percentage of the proceeds from these box sales is also going to Lyra’s favourite charity which is Cats Protection.

Happy Reading

Lyra’s Pawsome Books #3


Well blogging has not gone well over the last week. Basically I just haven’t had the energy to blog or even read much because of illness. I have been backwards and forwards to the doctors and even had to go to the doctors on my birthday which wasn’t brilliant, oh well, hopefully I am on the mend now.

Due to all the enforced resting I have at least been working on and doing some planning for my Etsy shop because I thought it was high time to get prepping for Christmas. I say my Etsy shop, it is meant to be Lyra’s but she is proving to be pretty useless when it comes to work.

So here is what is new on the Etsy shop:

Book Advent Calendar for ages 0-4

This Advent Calendar contains Christmas books and books to be read all year around. Each book is individually wrapped and numbered so you can count down with your little one to Christmas Day.

Children’s Christmas Book Box Ages 9-14

Christmas Book Gift

The parcel includes:

  • Brand new paperback Christmas themed book
  • Milk Chocolate Christmas themed lollipop
  • Magnetic Christmas themed bookmark
  • Lotus biscuit

More Christmas themed Book boxes will be released soon, I promise.

Sale Items

The Halloween Book boxes are currently on sale until 1st November if you want to head over for a visit follow the links below.

Halloween Book Box

Halloween Book Box with Vegan Treats

Happy Reading

Lyra’s Pawsome Books


So a little while ago I mentioned that I was planning a new bookish venture. Well, finally I have created an Etsy account and released my first two bookish products.

My bossy calico Lyra decided she wanted in on the act so she chose the name. Apart from the name and posing for some photos she has been very good at avoiding any of the actual work but she is so cute I have forgiven her. My husband has been very good and helped when Lyra has been missing.

So far I have a Mystery Book Box that includes a brand new paperback book of a genre of your choice and lots of treats to enjoy whilst reading your new book. Obviously I have sampled all these treats so I can confirm that they are very yummy. My husband highly recommends the hot chocolate.

The next product is a Mystery Book which is a brand new paperback book of a genre of your choice, with a beverage of your choice, some biscuits and a bookmark.

I am only delivering within the UK at the moment but I am hoping to despatch further a field eventually.

I have further products in the pipeline which I will update you all with next week.

Thank you for taking a look at my little start up.

Happy Reading