Lyra’s Pawsome Books #3


Well blogging has not gone well over the last week. Basically I just haven’t had the energy to blog or even read much because of illness. I have been backwards and forwards to the doctors and even had to go to the doctors on my birthday which wasn’t brilliant, oh well, hopefully I am on the mend now.

Due to all the enforced resting I have at least been working on and doing some planning for my Etsy shop because I thought it was high time to get prepping for Christmas. I say my Etsy shop, it is meant to be Lyra’s but she is proving to be pretty useless when it comes to work.

So here is what is new on the Etsy shop:

Book Advent Calendar for ages 0-4

This Advent Calendar contains Christmas books and books to be read all year around. Each book is individually wrapped and numbered so you can count down with your little one to Christmas Day.

Children’s Christmas Book Box Ages 9-14

Christmas Book Gift

The parcel includes:

  • Brand new paperback Christmas themed book
  • Milk Chocolate Christmas themed lollipop
  • Magnetic Christmas themed bookmark
  • Lotus biscuit

More Christmas themed Book boxes will be released soon, I promise.

Sale Items

The Halloween Book boxes are currently on sale until 1st November if you want to head over for a visit follow the links below.

Halloween Book Box

Halloween Book Box with Vegan Treats

Happy Reading


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