Mid Week Quote: Pliny (the younger)

Today’s quote is one I have read several times whilst doing my Masters work and I rather love it so I thought I would share it with you all. I must admit I always do try to see some good in books even if they are not my cup of tea.


“[Pliny the Elder] used to say that “no book was so bad but some good might be got out of it.”

Pliny the Younger

Happy Reading

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Mid Week Quote: Paine

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

First of all a very big HELLO to all my new followers recently! Thank you for following my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it.

The quote this week is by Thomas Paine who wrote a series essays titled The American Crisis in 1776. He was also called ‘Father of the American Revolution’ because of his pamphlet Common Sense which was in defence of American independence from England.


“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.”


Thomas Paine 1776


Happy reading!

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Mid Week Quote: Rosenbach

Happy Wednesday!

So far I have been getting quite a bit of reading done and it is only the 2nd October. Fingers crossed it continues.

The quote today is by Abraham Rosenbach who was a scholar and book seller based in Philadelphia.


“After love, book collecting is the most exhilarating sport of all.”


Abraham Rosenbach 1936.


Happy Reading

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Mid Week Quote: Phaedrus

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone is well and not succumbing to the coughs and colds that seem to be lurking everywhere.

This weeks quote is by Gaius Julius Phaedrus who was a Roman fabulist and Latin author. He is best known for translating entire books of fables into Latin, including Aesop’s Fables. 


“Things are not always what they seem.”

Phaedrus Fables, Book IV c. 50 CE


Happy reading.

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The picture above is a fresco by Raphael thought to be painted around 1509-11.

Mid Week Quote: Sima Qian

Happy Wednesday!

This weeks quote is from Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian. The records were started by Qian’s father and took about two decades to complete.

“Though bitter, good medicine cures illness. Though it may hurt, loyal criticism will have beneficial effects.”

Sima Qian c. 109 BCE


Happy reading.

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Mid Week Quote: Bede

Happy Wednesday Everybody.

I hope everyone is having a good month so far. I must admit my diary is looking scarier with each week in September so at the moment not much reading is happening sadly.

This weeks quote is one to think about as could reading about good deeds encourage good deeds, but also could reading about bad deeds encourage bad deeds?

This weeks quote is by a monk called Bede born in 673, who at the age of seven, became a junior monk under Benedict Biscop founder of the monastery of St Peter in Wearmouth. Bede moved to Jarrow where he lived until his death in 735. Bede’s great work was Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation.


“If history records good things of good men, the thoughtful hearer is encouraged to imitate what is good.”


Bede 731 CE


Happy reading.

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Mid Week Quote

Happy Wednesday!

This week the schools are back and I am back teaching and already miss my reading time. Hopefully it will not impede my reading too much.

My chosen quote this week is by François-René de Chateaubriand who was a French novelist who had a great veneration for the beauty of the natural world.


“Achilles exists only through Homer. Take away the art of writing from this world, and you will probably take away its glory.”

François-René de Chateaubriand


Hope you all have a good week.


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