Friday Poetry

Happy Fourth Day of Christmas!

I’m sticking with Christmas themed poetry as we are officially in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Christmas Song

Above the wearey waiting world.

Asleep in chill despair,

There breaks a sound of joyous bells

Upon the frosted air.

And o’er the humblest rooftree, lo,

A star is dancing on the snow.


What makes the yellow star to dance

Upon the brink of night?

What makes the breaking dawn to glow

So magically bright, – 

And all the earth to be renewed

With infinite beatitude?


The singing bells, the throbbing star,

The sunbeams on the snow,

And the awakening heart that leaps

New ecstasy to know, – 

They all are dancing in the morn

Because a little child is born.


Bliss Carman.


Lady Book Dragon.

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