Friday Poetry: Christina Rossetti

Well August is drawing to a close and this inevitably means I will be back teaching on the 2nd September. I must admit over August I have basically lived in shorts, even on cold days because I just refuse to wear trousers in the summer. In September though it will be back to boring work clothes and living life by my diary and I must admit I am rather sad to leave the freedom behind.

So whilst reading through some poetry I discovered this wonderful poem by one of my favourite poets and I thought it summed up all of my feelings and so I would share it with you all today.



Fly Away, Fly Away Over the Sea by Christina Rossetti


Fly away, fly away over the sea,

Sun-loving swallow, for summer is done;

Come again, come again, come back to me,

Bringing the summer and bringing the sun.


Christina Rossetti


Happy Weekend.

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