Book Trolley


Yesterday was an interesting day. The weather led to flooding so I couldn’t get to work in the morning so I had the whole day free. I felt a little lost to be honest but I got loads of washing done, some clarinet practice, studying and I built my book trolley!

I’ve seen so many book trollies on social media lately and I gave in and got one for myself. This now means my TBR is not on the bedroom floor but neatly in the trolley. Also the wheels are brilliant, it means I can roll the trolley around to vacuum under it.

So here is the wonderful trolley.


I’m now hoping my husband will also get one so we can both have our TBR piles neat and tidy.

Please let me know if you have a book trolley and what you use it for? I would love to hear what books you use it for.

Happy Reading!

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4 thoughts on “Book Trolley

    1. I have bookshelves around the house and we are turning one bedroom into a library but I like to have my TBR pile in my bedroom but sadly don’t have room for a bookshelf so this seemed a better option plus it can be wheeled around.

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