The Willoughby Book Club #2


So we have had our first day of lockdown, I will be honest it hasn’t been much different to my normal days. Studying with a little bit of online teaching thrown into the mix. However, I did have something which doesn’t happen everyday and that was my wonderful Willoughby Book Club delivery! I have been so excited about this delivery! I am so grateful to my amazing friend who got it for my birthday as it really is something to look forward to each month.

Here is my lovely book!

I’ve never come across this author or even seen this book before so I am rather excited to read it.

I think the thing I love most about getting a surprise book each month is the fact that I am getting to discover lots of new books and authors. It makes me leave my comfort zone and I think that is definitely a good thing.

Please drop me a message if you have read this book as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Reading!


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