This and That Thursday


I hope everyone is well and looking forward to Easter with all the yummy goodies that come with Easter. I am particularly enjoying the Marmite and Cheese Hot Cross Buns by Marks and Spencers, my husband is horrified.

Anyway, here is what I have been up to recently.


I met up with my best friend last week which was wonderful. This meet up meant lots of yummy pizza and cake and spending far too much money in Waterstones. The weather was terrible but that just meant more time sheltering in the book shop.


For Lent my husband and myself have been trying to do more walking. Our day off from walking is Sunday but otherwise we put our walking boots on and off we go. Most of the walks have been local which has been lovely because we get to say hello to the local horses and lambs. We have also gone to different locations for a change as well and one of these was a Gruffalo walk which was very exciting.

Yummy Lunch and Pipe Organ Builders

My husband and myself are both church organists and this week we had an opportunity to go around an organ builders which I must admit was a bit worried about but it was very interesting. Before we went though we fortified ourselves by going to lunch at a local french restaurant and i had two of my all time favourite dishes, French onion soup followed by Mussels and fries.

I have more adventures planned for next week as I have the week off from teaching so I plan on making the most of the free time.

Happy Reading

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