Friday Poetry: E. V. Rieu

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend. I have another busy weekend ahead but I am hoping to fit in some reading.

My chosen poem this week is by E. V. Rieu (1887-1972) who is best known for translating The Odyssey.

The Hippopotamus's Birthday

He has opened all his parcels
but the largest and the last;
His hopes are at their highest
and his heart is beating fast.
O happy Hippopotamus,
what lovely gift is here?
He cuts the string. The world stands still.
A pair of boots appear!

O little Hippopotamus,
the sorrows of the small!
He dropped two tears to mingle
with the flowing Senegal;
And the 'Thank you' that he uttered
was the saddest ever heard
In the Senegambian jungle
from the mouth of beast or bird.

E. V. Rieu

Happy Reading

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