The Weekly Brief


I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Sadly the blogging hasn’t gone very well this week and neither has the reading but hopefully I will get back on track next week.

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Currently Reading

I’m currently still ploughing on with these books. I’m really enjoying the Alison Weir but have come to a bit of a halt with the Dickens.

Happy Reading

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly Brief

  1. I enjoyed Eleanor of Aquitaine. Such a brilliant personality. I’ve just finished Bleak House which is quite enough Dickens for one year. Hope you get going with Dombey again soon

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    1. I agree, I’m completely fascinated by her character, she was such a strong woman. I was aiming to finish Dombey and Son by the end of the month but that is looking doubtful. Bleak House is on my TBR pile, I hope you enjoyed it.

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