Reading My Height in Books #1


I hope everyone has had a good day so far. My friend has been asking for an update on my challenge to read my height in books so here is my first update this year. I grabbed Lyra for the photo as well, she wasn’t that impressed.

The height of the books is at 6 inches just 61 inches to go!

In 2021 when I first tried this challenge the height of the pile was also at 6 inches with the books I had read in January. However, I really do not want to fail the challenge this time around so I must try and get higher numbers.

What reading challenges have you got for 2023 and are you on track?

Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “Reading My Height in Books #1

  1. That is such a fun challenge although don’t how it works with ebooks? One of my challenges for 2023 was to try and read a bit less and spend more time doing other things. I have massively failed at that so far.

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    1. I’m not really doing ebooks this year as I really don’t like reading them. I also have a house full of physical books to get through so plenty to keep me going. It’s the winter at the moment you are allowed to read. When spring and summer arrives then you can do lots of things. That’s my plan.

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