Friday Poetry: Edith Nesbit

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a good week and has some fun plans for the weekend.

My chosen poem this week is by the poet and author Edith Nesbit (1858-1924).

Spring Song

All winter through I sat alone,
Doors barred and windows shuttered fast,
And listened to the wind's faint moan moan,
And ghostly mutterings of the past;
And in the pauses of the rain,
Mid whispers of dead sorrow and sin,
Love tapped upon the window pane:
I had no heart to let him in.

But now, with spring, my doors stand wide;
My windows let delight creep through;
I hear the skylark sing outside;
I see the crocus, golden new.
The pigeons on my window-sill,
Winging and wooing, flirt and flout,-
Now Love must enter if he will,
I have no heart to keep him out. 

Edith Nesbit

Happy Reading!



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