May 2023 TBR


I will be honest I my TBR plans for March went out of the window and April was just a struggle to read let alone stick to a plan. However, for May I am going to try and read some planned reads but maybe not as structured as my previous TBR posts.

Shorter books are best

One thing I have worked out is that currently when I am working I’m too tired to tackle big books. I’m not reading so much at night because I struggle to focus and so I’m only really reading in the morning. So I have chosen some shorter books to keep me occupied this month.

Comfort Reads

I have some current comfort reads at the moment in the form of two book series that I love reading and feel like I can trust to not upset me. These are the next two books I am due to read in the series.

These are my planned reads for May and hopefully I will get around to reading some extra books as well. At the end of the month I have half term so I might plan a longer read them.

I hope you all have some good reads planned for May.

Happy Reading


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2 thoughts on “May 2023 TBR

  1. I often used to find that I was only able to handle uncomplicated books when I was teaching especially this term which was always so busy. Favourite authors and rereads were my general term time fare with longer books left until the holidays. Crime Fiction was always great for this as I could just enjoy the puzzles without getting too involved. Enjoy your May reads and Half Term when it arrives.

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