Goodreads Monday: 28/02/2022

Goodreads Monday is now hosted by Budget Tales Book Club.  All you have to do is show off a book from your TBR that you’re looking forward to reading.

I am continuing with featuring books off my Classics Club list and I am also linking my Goodreads Monday posts on the main list as well so I don’t forget which books I have featured.

Love in Excess is a well-crafted novel in which the claims of love and ambition are pursued through multiple storylines until the heroine engineers a melodramatic conclusion. Love in Excess and its reception provide a lively and valuable record of the challenge that female desire posed to social decorum.

This is a new author for me. I made sure that when I built my list of Classics books I had some new authors as well as old favourites. I always like discovering new authors especially if they have written lots of good books that I can add to my TBR.

Please drop me a comment if you have taken part in Goodreads Monday and I will head over for a visit.

Happy Reading

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