This and That Thursday


I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

I thought I would do a non bookish update. Last week was half term which meant I didn’t have any school teaching but I did still do my private teaching and organ playing for church. This meant I had a little bit more free time which meant another adventure.


We managed to get away for a night which was lovely and we treated ourselves to a tasting menu at the hotel restaurant. The hotel was absolutely beautiful and was an amazing place to stay with gorgeous grounds. They also had some enormous chairs which I think would be super comfy for reading in.

Walking and fitness

This week has involved getting back into our walking and I decided that for Lent this year we would aim to walk outside at least a mile a day with the hope of walking longer. However, since the start of Lent all it has done is rain and because my asthma is really bad in damp weather we have only managed our mile a day but fingers crossed for better weather and longer walks soon. I have also got back into my fitness recently after a few stop starts from ill health. I am particularly enjoying my new spin bike and following the Kaleigh Cohen cycling classes on Youtube.


I am still ploughing away with my Winnie the Pooh 1000 piece jigsaw and I will be honest it might just be the hardest jigsaw I have ever attempted. I will post a picture once I have got further along with it or by some miracle finish it.

Happy Reading

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