Friday Poetry: John Agard


Happy Friday! I hope everyone has some good books planned for the weekend.

My chosen poem this week is by the Afro-Guyanese playwright, poet and children’s writer John Agard.

A Date with Spring

Got a date with spring
Got to look my best.
Of all the trees
I'll be the smartest dressed.

Perfumed breeze 
behind me ear.
Pollen accessories
all in place.

Raindrop moisturizer
for me face.
Sunlight tints
to spruce up the hair. 

What's the good of being a tree
if you can't flaunt your beauty?

Winter, I was naked
Exposed as can be.
Me wardrobe took off
with the wind.

Life was a frosty slumber.
Now, spring, here I come.
Can't wait to slip in
to me little green number. 

John Agard

Happy Reading

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